New range of flash lights arrived!

New range of flash lights have arrived this morning for the studio, we now include the almighty Bowens Gemini 500R’s with our studio hire. The flash heads come complete with the latest trigger and sync system completely built in, giving you a more reliable experience in the studio.

Just to add, this is all included in the same price for the studio hire!

New Website Launch!

We are very excited about our shiny new website! We hope you enjoy browsing the new site.

New studio furniture arriving

We are excited about the new studio furniture arriving soon!

New Studio Complete!

At last our new 1,000 sq/ft studio is fully up and running. All customers can now benefit from the larger space making the studio environment one of the best in Kent.

We are also pleased to announce that there will be no price increase!

Studio Almost Complete....

Our New studio will be available by the end of July giving you a bigger environment to work in, additional studio features, editing room and new equipment all for the same price!

New features include:
- Larger floor space
- Larger back drops
- Internal purpose built brick wall for backdrop
- Instant Tea/Coffee machine
- Changing Area
- Additional day light windows
- Selection of new seating props
- Open 24/hrs!

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