Ecommerce Photography

Our experienced eCommerce team can help you achieve your marketing objectives by creating amazing cost-effective content.

Professional eCommerce photography has been at the forefront of Lux Studios’ services for years.

We understand the importance of delivering high quality, cost-effective eCommerce photography and videography for your brand.

Like you , we also set our standards very high. If you require polished commercial photography that will increase engagement and conversions, add value and help you sell your products contact us today.

Versatile Space

The studio offers a 1,000sq/ft of versatile space .The main shooting area consists of a 5.5m wide cove with a lighting rig attached to the ceiling.

Video Production

Big ideas, slick presentation and stand-out visuals are the key ingredients we aim for on every production.

Affordable Rates

We offer fantastic rates for studio hire, at just £25 per hour or £160 per day including equipment and studio facilities.

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