Jewellery Photography

At Lux Studios, we provide stunning high-end jewellery photography at a price you can afford.

Jewellery photography is one of our core strengths at Lux Studios. This is arguably the most challenging of all kinds of photography, as it requires a highly skilled approach.
Our team are experts at creating eye catching, professional images, using specialist light-shaping tools to give metal surfaces definition, make gemstones sparkle and bring colours to life.

Our respected jewellery photographers take as much pride in their work as you do, appreciating the need to define every angle and highlight the beauty and craftsmanship of each piece.

Commercial Product Photography

Our images typically feature in advertising campaigns, magazines, catalogues and e-commerce sites. We appreciate the importance of producing images that grab the attention of your customers and ultimately drive sales. We make the process as easy as possible without cutting corners, and always deliver high quality, eye-catching product photography at an affordable price.

Versatile Space

The studio offers a 1,000sq/ft of versatile space .The main shooting area consists of a 5.5m wide cove with a lighting rig attached to the ceiling.

Video Production

Big ideas, slick presentation and stand-out visuals are the key ingredients we aim for on every production.

Affordable Rates

We offer fantastic rates for studio hire, at just £25 per hour or £160 per day including equipment and studio facilities.

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