Photography Tuition

Have you ever wanted to take a beautiful portrait pictures like the professionals? – well let us show you how.

Whether you are taking a picture of a loved one or starting out into the world of professional photography, capturing a portrait must be the most rewarding of all subjects.  Our portrait classes cover the full breadth of subjects needed to take great people pictures including, the equipment, lighting techniques and posing. Working alongside professional models and make up artists we can support all your requirements and get you shooting stunning portraits.

We offer a two module beginners course, three short portrait courses and a professional diploma which teaches you the technical, creative and commercial skills required to become a successful professional photographer.

All of our courses are run with small groups so that you can learn in a fun and friendly environment.

Beginners Module 1:Introduction to Digital Photography Course

If you are new to photography then our short one day course will get you from fully automatic through to a solid understanding of key photographic tools  including ISO, apertures and shutter speeds.  You will move on to the more creative modes including blurring backgrounds and dealing with movement.  We finish the day by looking at post production / editing techniques - a really fun and informative day.

Beginners Module 2: Advanced Photography Course - Taking better pictures

If you are looking to push your skills forward then this is the right course for you - we build your confidence of applying the core photographic techniques of ISO, apertures and shutter speeds to a range of locations before concentrating on an understanding of light and composition.  We further explore post production / editing techniques on Lightroom and Photoshop

Portraits Level 1: Introduction to Portraits Photography Course

Equally of value to an amateur keen to enjoy the experience of capturing great images of family and friends as it is to the budding professional starting out on their professional photography career, this wonderful portrait photography course will introduce you to a range of techniques that will allow you to start taking stunning portraits.  Over the day you will be taught the underlying principles of taking great people photographs along with the creative approaches that you can adopt to create images with impact.  

During the course of the day you will look at the fundamental principles of portrait photography, experiment with studio lighting and you will shoot and direct a professional model leaving  with a batch of great images. We go on to explore posing techniques and the use of Lightroom to create portraits with impact.

Portraits Level 2: Intermediate Level Portraits Photography Course

If you are looking to start taking professional level portraits then this course will elevate your skills above that of your everyday hobbyist.  You will explore dynamic posing, multiple light set-ups, gels, movement and direction.  We will go onto looking at commercial aspects of running a portrait business, exploring pricing, sales, suppliers and product.

Portraits Level 3: Advanced Portraits / Fashion Photography Course

Run alongside a professional model and  makeup artist, this is the perfect course for creating artistic images with commercial impact.  You will explore creative lighting, team direction, styling and post production workflows this challenging course will equip you with the skills to create images that simply stun.

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Versatile Space

The studio offers a 1,000sq/ft of versatile space .The main shooting area consists of a 5.5m wide cove with a lighting rig attached to the ceiling.

Video Production

Big ideas, slick presentation and stand-out visuals are the key ingredients we aim for on every production.

Affordable Rates

We offer fantastic rates for studio hire, at just £20 per hour or £140 per day including equipment and studio facilities.