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Lux Studios offer equipment hire, no matter where you are in the country, we can deliver and pickup the equipment within the UK.

Bowens Streamlite 530 Head
Bowens Streamlite 530 Head
The Bowens Streamlite 530 Head contains five independently controlled spiral lamps making large creative lighting set-ups a breeze. Featuring the same cool-running, long-life lamps as the smaller Streamlite 330, two additional bulbs mean a total output equivalent up to 550W of tungsten lighting. The unit has five switches on the back so that the lamps can be switched on or off in any configuration required. The detachable reflector, with its brilliant white surface, comes supplied with an elasticated diffuser which fits quickly and easily on the front for a wide, soft and even light spread.  

Power Rating: 550w

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Westcott Ice Light 2
Westcott Ice Light 2
The Westcott Ice Light 2 is the continual light source with a difference: A cordless, 1,740 Lumen LED tube; compact enough to conceal on-set or carry as an off-camera light source, stylish enough to use as a prop, powerful enough to properly illuminate your compositions. It's simply brilliant.

  • 1740 lumen output with 96 CRI
  • 5500K daylight-balanced output
  • Ultra-portable for hand-held use
  • 1,740 Lumens
  • Weighs under 20 ounces
  • Removable Li-ion battery
  • 60+ minute runtime
  • 2.5 hour recharge time
  • 18-step dimming from 5% to 100%
  • Digital output display
  • Built-in Bluetooth capabilities
  • ¼”-20 threads for easy mounting
  • Looks like a lightsabre. Whummm!
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Product Description
The SpiderSteady Modular DSLR Camera Rig is a great rig for professionals who need a multitude of options to produce the perfect shot.
The rig has virtually endless customisation options, giving it the ability to produce shots from virtually any position with nearly limitless customisation options. The rig is ideal for the Canon 5D, 7D Panasonic AG-HMC153MC, Nikon D90 and many more DSLR Cameras.

Versatile The SpiderSteady can be used to provide a multitude of shots, allowing for a perfect setup for nearly every shot

Modular Built with a 1/4-20" slot on virtually every joint and end, the SpiderSteady can be used with many accessories, proving even more versatility to make every shot perfect

Compact The rig folds flat, able to fit in most camera cases and being light, is very easy to transport

Comfortable The SpiderSteady has large, padded handles; keeping it comfortable and practical for a variety of users

  • SpiderSteady Modular DSLR Camera Rig
  • Quick Set-Up Guide
  • Maintenance Tools
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Motion Controlled Slide - Time Lapse Motorised Slider Dolly
Motion Controlled Slide - Time Lapse Motorised Slider Dolly
6ft Long motorised slider.
Designed for Timelapse photography but can also be used as a smooth motorised slider for video.

Advanced Capabilities
The simplicity of the system does not prevent you from doing advanced operations, like tuning motors, tweaking camera settings down to the millisecond, etc.

Complete Camera Integration
  • Intervalometer
  • Exposure Control
  • Bulb or Camera-controlled
  • Post-Exposure Delays
  • Focus Line Control
  • Support for most major dSLRs
  • Canon, Nikon, Pentax, etc.
  • Remote electronic cable port required

Motion Control Modes
  • Continuous Motion
  • Smooth video-like motion
  • From 0.12"/minute to 30.9"/minute
  • Shoot-Move-Shoot (Interleaved)
  • Extended run time (up to days between moves)
  • From 0.01" to 30.9" travel between shots
  • "Simple" mode lets you specify travel in real-time
  • Manual Motor Control

Any Orientation
  • Horizontal
  • Angled
  • Vertical
  • Underslung
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GlideTrack Shooter 1 Metre - DSLR VIdeo Camera Slider
GlideTrack Shooter 1 Metre - DSLR VIdeo Camera Slider
The Glidetrack Shooter SD is a rarity in its product category – a camera slider that doubles up as a shoulder support. The weight and balance of the product makes it perfect for the newer breeds of DSLR’s that can shoot video, such as the Canon 550D/Rebel T2i, Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mk II, etc.
The SD will also comfortably take new video enabled Micro-Four Thirds cameras, e.g. the Panasonic  GH1, G1/2 etc.
The dual functionality of the Shooter SD offers tremendous flexibility to the film-maker as you can operate and transfer from a tripod to a shoulder mounted or floor mounted setup easily and quickly. This aspect is made even more apparent considering how lightweight the Shooter is.

Length: 1 Metre
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DSLR Camera Car Suction Mount
DSLR Camera Car Suction Mount
Professional DSLR suction car or glass mount.
This unique gear facilitate you with the utility of a multi tasking shooting angles . It is designed for stability and comfort but above all for versatility, freedom of movement and creative framing. It provides the best versatility and comfort for professional use.You can mount the whole kit on any car, glass window or plain surface.. When you use this kit, you come to know how useful this kit for your videos motion movies.
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GlideShot Compact Camera Crane Jib
GlideShot Compact Camera Crane Jib
Mobile camera Jib. Easy to transport and provides additional camera control.

  • 4ft Camera Crane Jib
  • Compact Design for ease of transport
  • Very Sturdy
  • Provides great fluid motion
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Versatile Space

The studio offers a 1,000sq/ft of versatile space .The main shooting area consists of a 5.5m wide cove with a lighting rig attached to the ceiling.

Video Production

Big ideas, slick presentation and stand-out visuals are the key ingredients we aim for on every production.

Affordable Rates

We offer fantastic rates for studio hire, at just £20 per hour or £140 per day including equipment and studio facilities.